Android x86設備ハウツー

This time, I will post something about installation. Well, guess what?
It's Android x86! Ported Android system for your PC.

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Installation is quite easy, and fast. I recommend you to spare about 8GiB space on your HDD if you want to install it normally. For optimum/maximum performance, use about 16-64GiB space on your HDD. Laptops are most recommended, because they have WiFi.

I'll give you simple steps on preparing Android. Further detailed steps (plus screenshots, I wish) will be covered soon, or later. lol
I assume that you are already prepared a partition for your Android system, and want to try Android (like, you have 2 OSes on your PC). Google this: How to make partition

First, take a look on your system. If your chipset supports 64-bit, consider download the .img image for EFI boot.
Don't know, or you're not a geek? Pick the safe choice, get the x86 image (.iso) instead. Use either 5.1 or 4.4 release. Remember your choice.

Second, make a bootable disc/flash drive. Burn the image to disc, or use your flash drive by using Universal USB Installer (my recommendation), LiLi, or UNetBootin.

And then, reboot your PC. REBOOT, I said. Newer Windows system starts from Windows 8 supports fast shutdown (which works similar like hibernate, but it doesn't save your PC state), thus making the HDD unaccessible due to the lockdown by the system. Boot again into your disc/flash drive.

Fourth, just choose install. Do not boot into livesystem (unless you're know what are you doing). It could mess up your PC date...

Fifth, choose your prepared partition to install Android x86. Clear enough.
Windows usually took couple MiBs of space in front of HDD for the recovery system, so the partition table (assume you're having 2 drives on Windows and 1 drive set on the far end of the HDD) would look like:
sda1 Recovery Partition (or similar)
sda2 Windows' data
sda3 Your drive data
sda4/5 Prepared partition

The problem lies here; what is the difference between primary and logical partitions? If the partition is primary, there are only AND ONLY exists 4 partitions. If it is logical partition, then the order is sda1, sda2, sda3, sda5, and so on. (note sda4 is a container of logical partitions, filled by sda5, sda6, ..)

Sixth, hit enter. If the installer asks you to format, do it. 5.1 uses ext4 while 4.4 uses ext3 (correct me?)

Seventh; install GRUB. Just hit yes, obviously. Or else your Android won't bootable.

Wait for couple minutes... (mine took only one minute to finish the installation!) and finish! Reboot.

Now you have a clean installation of Android, runs with Windows. \:D/

Comment if there are any mistakes/incomplete explanation, please?


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